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Live Music Matters! Big Bands, small groups, and lectures serving New England and beyond

Gabel Music is the company that represents bandleader, trombonist, arranger, and educator Dan Gabel. Our bands represent the finest ensembles in New England, from a duo up to an authentic 18-piece Big Band. We have had the honor to play for all types of audiences, from Governors to retirement communities, with equal acclaim.

Dan Gabel is an in-demand bandleader and free-lance trombonist. His arrangements have been featured by top-notch ensembles across the country, from the World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra to the Torrington Symphony Orchestra, to the Jolly Kopperschmidts German Band.

Gabel has lectured on topics including Jazz History, the Great American Songbook, New England musicians, and the relationship of music and dancing from Elementary Schools to Universities including MIT, New England Conservatory, Clark University, and more.

So come in, take off your top hat and bow tie, and see what Dan Gabel and Gabel Music can do for you!

Our Story


          While a student at New England Conservatory, trombonist, arranger, and bandleader Dan Gabel discovered that Vaughn Monroe's entire music library was at the school. As he delved deeper into Monroe, Gabel felt a strong connection to not only the music, but to the Monroe story and legacy. Trombonist/trumpeter turned vocalist, bandleader, the "local Boston boy makes it big" angle, NEC, left-handed, family values, model train hobbies: who are we talking about, Monroe or Gabel? The lifelong passion Dan Gabel has for jazz and big band music was rekindled with a goal of bringing the music back to life for performance. At a successful Masters Recital, Gabel was able to connect and form friendships with the Monroe family as well as the Vaughn Monroe Appreciation Society


          Having led his own successful big band, Dan Gabel and The Abletones, for a decade, Gabel was the obvious choice to become the leader of the new Vaughn Monroe Orchestra.  However, just forming another big band to play the music would not be enough. Gabel decided after conducting many interviews with fans and people close to Monroe that something more was needed. In order to fully (re)create the Monroe Orchestra, it would have to be a show. The singers, dancers, comedian, the outfits, band fronts... the entire era. Thus, the concept for The Vaughn Monroe Show was born:

This unique show transports the audience to October 1949, just after World War II. The Vaughn Monroe Orchestra under the direction of Dan Gabel performs the original hits of Monroe, along with the Moon Maids vocal group, dancers, comedian, and skits from the Camel Caravan radio and TV show. "Racing with the Moon", "There, I've Said It Again", "Ballerina", "Let it Snow", and "Ghost Riders in the Sky" will all be heard using the original hand-written manuscripts through special arrangement with the Monroe family and New England Conservatory. Original band member and legendary guitarist Mr. Bucky Pizzarelli joins the outfit in a truly spectacular event. It is our goal to create an evening of entertaining time travel and "the voice that won the war."

For contact information and the show description, please download our press kit - more to come!